REACH! is an innovative college and career focused school for Baltimore's middle and high school students (grades 6 - 12).

REACH! students “learn by doing” through curriculum that is relevant and through instructional approaches that foster their active participation. Teachers meet students at their current level of performance and challenge and support them to greater proficiency. At REACH!, the classroom often becomes a learning laboratory where teachers guide students to discover and apply new knowledge and skills.

REACH! students learn more because they experience more.  Mentors, field trips, PSAT and SAT prep, career exploration (middle school), summer learning, guest speakers, college campus visits, community service, career technical education (high school), after-school academic remediation, internships, apprenticeships, clubs, athletics, and arts - REACH! students do it all.

Part of the school’s uniqueness lies in its rich partnerships with some of Baltimore's leading businesses, universities, and community organizations.  These partnerships allow REACH to provide not only an academically rigorous college preparatory curriculum, but also authentic learning opportunities for marketable skills in high-demand construction or health care fields.  REACH! graduate with options: 4 year college; 2 year college; work and college; advanced technical training; unlimited paths to success.

In addition to faculty who have been individually selected based on their academic skills, passion for teaching, and commitment to the REACH! mission, our students are also supported and nurtured by carefully screened and trained Advocates (AmeriCorps volunteers).  These dedicated young men and women who are current college students, or recent college graduates, work with students on a daily basis.  From the beginning of the school day, until the end of the day's extra-curricular activities, these Advocates are present.  They monitor hall-ways, escort students to and from lunch, assist in the classrooms, mentor, help with homework, tutor, coach athletic teams, lead clubs, chaperon field trips, provide role models, and provide parents with frequent feedback regarding student progress.